Listen now! Pippa meets the Geek and sparks fly

Pippa and the Geek by Emma Hartlight

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to announce that my second flash fiction short story, Pippa and the Geek, is now available exclusively on the Deanna's World YouTube channel!

This lighthearted romance tells the story of shy computer programmer, Bowen and his new sunny roommate, Pippa. These two opposites start to feel an unexpected spark after Pippa moves in, but pursuing romance could jeopardize their easy friendship.

I had such a fun time writing this story about an introverted geek falling for a bubbly girl next door. The idea came to me one day while chatting with my own introverted techy best friend, who inspired Bowen's character. I hope listeners enjoy this sweet tale of an unexpected connection growing between two very different personalities learning to navigate living together and romantic attraction.

Pippa, Bowen, and Fish

Pippa and the Geek is my second flash fiction release, following Millie and the Grump a few days ago. My goal is to regularly share these short standalone stories that can be enjoyed in a single sitting. I love being able to produce an entire little story so quickly to share with you all. Look for new flash fiction releases coming soon!

The audio editions of these stories go live first on the Deanna's World YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe to listen for free as soon as they drop. The eBook and audiobook versions will be available on my website shortly after. Once I have a few more stories released, my plan is to publish them together in an affordable collected edition.

Let me know what you think of Pippa and the Geek! Reviews are so helpful. A special thanks to my two furry friends for their continued support (okay, more often they just sit on my keyboard and get in the way) as I write these stories. Their creative input is indispensable.

Happy reading and happy listening!

PS. Don't forgot to subscribe to the Deanna's World YouTube channel, leave a comment, and a link. I really appreciate it. Your support means the world.



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